Twitter hashtag #research20

The team

Jenny Evans, Ruth Harrison, Andrew Day, Angela Goldfinch, Philippa Hatch, Debbie Phillips, Katharine Thompson and Nicole Urquhart.

Library members of the programme team

Co-opted advice, expertise and content from: Dr Alice Bell, Duncan Casey, Dr Tom Coates, John Conway, Prof Stephen Curry,  Dr Mark Hahnel, Prof Andrew Jaffe, Simon Levey, Tom Phillips, Dr Jesus Rogel-Salazar, Prof Henry Rzepa.

This programme is based on a programme developed by Helene Blowers, then of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County, which encouraged library staff to learning about so called ‘web 2.0’ tools and technologies by playing with them.

At Imperial College London Library, we adapted this programme, running Learning 2.0 @ Imperial College London Library in 2008 and Learning 20/09 @ Imperial College London Library in 2009. We ran the first version of the programme in 2011.

Steal these ideas!

As with earlier Learning 2.0 / 23 Things style programmes, this one is licenced under a Creative Commons licence.


If you have a question about the programme, please contact Ella Mitchell.


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