Tools & Technologies List Google Drive Plum Analytics
Academia GooglePlus Podomatic
Altmetric Grow Kudos Prezi
Audacity Guardian blogs Readcube
Camstudio Impact Story Reddit
Chartbeat Imperial blogging Research Gate
Chrome RSS browser extension Internet Explorer RSS feeds Researcher ID
CiteULike iTunesU RSS Reader
Colwiz JOVE Safari RSS browser extension
Confluence Klout SciLogs
Creative Commons Kred Sharepoint
Crowdbooster LinkedIn Slideshare
Delicious Mendeley SocialBro
Diigo Mobile apps socialmention
Dropbox blogs t-index
Evernote Netvibes Technorati
Feedly Occam’s Typewriter Topsy
FeedReader The Older Reader Tweet your Science
Figshare OpenWetWare Twitter
Firefox RSS feeds Opera RSS feeds Vimeo ORCID Vine
followerwonk Panopto WikiMatrix
FriendFeed Papers Wikipedia
Frontiers Peer Index WordPress
GitHub Pinboard Write Latex
Google Analytics Pinterest YouTube
Google Blog Search PLOS Blogs Zotero

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